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Image result for razavi hospital logoBy constructing developed Razavi hospital, we have done our bests to create a new opportunity in offering requested medical services to our patients and also meet the needs of regional Muslim patients in an Islamic medical center.
Offering high quality and unique medical services along With proper cost accounting are two important factors which are considered by foreign patients. Cardiac ward, Cardiac Surgery ward, Plastic Surgery ward, Radiology, Laboratory, IVF and also Check-up Clinic have comprised the most significant parts of the hospital that draw the attention of most foreign patients.
Performing the most complicated heart surgeries, various kinds of ballooning and stenting as well as infertile couple’s treatment based on the last protocols include the main services which offered in the mentioned parts. Meanwhile in developing project of Razavi hospital we are planning to set aside a section for the diagnostic and therapeutic PET in order to provide 8 special and unique medical services in the region.
 Considering the recent and short-term inauguration of Razavi hospital, it could take the first Rank in the first year and for the second year; it could be recognized as the first Rank in excellence.
It should be mentioned that all parts of the hospital are reexamined by inspectors of supervisory organization, therefore all patients include Iranians and foreigners can be sure that the last medical standards and protocols have been applied by the hospital.
Presence of a number of the best Persian specialists and also some of the outstanding Iranian physicians who are resident of other countries in Razavi hospital has attracted the attention of a great number of patients from inside and out side the country.
The comparison of cost accounting about different surgical operations between Razavi hospital and similar centers in developed countries is an effective factor which has made the hospital in to an international one.
For example in United States of America, The cost accounting of a cardiac surgery is about 130000 $, while It is about 6000$ in Razavi hospital.
Furthermore, natural and historical attractions of Iran do persuade the foreign patients to spend a calm convalescent period in this country. All Muslims and different people from East to West always revere culture and civilization of Iranian Muslims. Iran with 70 million population including several folks has been always the heart of attention to the foreign passengers and people of different countries.
Khorasan province and especially Mashhad as the main wing of this cultural and civilized land include interesting and attractive places such as; holy shrine of Imam Reza, Ferdowsi’s mausoleum, Naderi’s garden and museum, Nishabour ancient town with so many historical works including Khayyam, Attar and Kamal- Almolk’s mausoleums.
Every year millions of pilgrims are gratified to visit Imam Reza’s holy shrine. Razavi hospital which belongs to that exalted Imam is ready to offer medical services to those Muslim pilgrims who need such services.
The possible connection between Mashhad and other parts of Iran and also 30 countries of the world has been made by its train station, intercity bus terminals and International airport.

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